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Biowatt offers comprehensive services in the process of building a biogas plant. We have an offer for both new Investors as well dla istniejących biogazowni.

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  • development of a detailed technological concept
  • gaining the decision on environmental conditions of the project
  • obtaining development conditions
  • obtaining connection conditions to the power grid
  • preparation of industry and construction projects
  • estimation of the costs of building a biogas plant
  • obtaining a valid building permit
  • preparation of the investor’s cost estimate
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We offer you a comprehensive turnkey construction of biogas plants. In the construction process we act as the General Contractor, ensuring efficient and consistent construction of the biogas plant and obtaining the necessary permits for its use. During the construction process, we pay special attention to:
  • keeping to the investment schedule
  • permanent control of construction costs
  • quality control of subcontractors’ work
  • ensuring compliance of performed works with technical documentation
  • execution of all legally required building inspections
  • completion of the construction process and obtaining the occupancy permit
  • taking care of safety on site

After completion of the construction of the biogas plant, we take care of its efficient commissioning and ensure proper operation. During the start-up phase, we focus on ensuring that the expected performance of the biogas plant is achieved in the shortest possible time. We also provide training for the staff operating the biogas plant.

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As part of the service of a biogas plant, we take care of the proper operation of all devices and systems included within the plant. We also ensure constant biological supervision over the fermentation processes and remotely monitor the efficiency of biogas production. The scope of our maintenance services depends on individual contracts and may include:
  • periodical inspections of equipment
  • technology service
  • biological monitoring of fermentation processes
  • providing service and repairs to maintain continuity of operation
  • monitoring of equipment operation through an online service continuity of operation
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It is a comprehensive service for the process of locating locations and obtaining administrative permits for biogas and biomethane plant projects to obtain a valid construction permit. As part of the development we offer:
  • all activities related to finding the location of the so-called green field, (i.e.: finding plots of land, environmental and social conditions, analysis of the structure and number of available substrates, evaluation of land conditions, access to power lines, economic analysis, signing titles to land, etc.).
  • estimation of the costs of building a biogas plant
  • conclusion of civil-law contracts in the field of land lease or conditional sale agreement, signing letters of intent for the supply of substrates or development of the digestate
  • handling administrative processes
  • obtaining conditions for connection to the distribution network and signing the connection agreement
  • preparation of the construction design
  • obtaining a valid building permit
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As part of the design and construction of the biogas plant, Biowatt provides full service in the field of power engineering. Our energy offer includes the development and agreement of a power grid connection design, construction of connections and supply of equipment, as well as contacts and agreements with power operators and ERO on behalf of the Client. We have the professional knowledge and experience that allows us to perform each order efficiently and on time. Biowatt’s detailed energy services offer includes:
  • design work
    • construction projects in the field of power supply and output of generation sources
    • executive designs of electrical installations for the power supply of generating source installations
    • projects for connection of generation sources and industrial plants to the power grid
    • projects of network modernization and removal of collisions of power grids
  • power engineering
    • construction of power connections – MV and LV cable lines
    • modernization of network switching points (radio-controlled pole, MV cable connectors)
    • delivery, assembly and start-up of MV/LV transformer station equipment
    • modernization and adaptation of existing transformer stations to new operating conditions (e.g. for generation sources)
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Based on the knowledge and experience of the Biowatt team and the developed contacts with experts from the biogas industry in Poland and Europe, we provide consulting services in the field:
  • technology and biotechnology
  • power and gas industry
  • technical standards and equipment
  • energy, RES, Environmental Protection, Waste Management, Administrative and Construction Law
  • economics of biogas plants

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