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Company and experience

Biowatt is an innovative and quality-oriented company. Since 2010, we have been professionally involved in the planning, design, construction and service of biogas plants.
The company provides high quality technology and builds agricultural, industrial and landfill biogas plants on sewage treatment plants and biomethane plants. Our biogas plants are characterized by high efficiency of biogas yield and technological advancement.

Biogas plants

We have a wide range of technologies for different types of biogas plants.


We offer comprehensive solutions: concept, design, construction, start-up and service of biogas and process plants.

Our partners


Comprehensive service of the biogas plant construction process

We deal with the overall implementation of biogas plants , starting with the design, in which we develop a detailed industry and construction project, investor’s cost estimate and obtain all necessary approvals and conditions for development or connection. In the construction process, we act as the general contractor of the investment , ensuring efficient and project-compliant implementation of the biogas production plant. After the construction process, we can be responsible for regular service, ensuring the proper operation of all systems and devices, in addition, we can perform constant biological supervision over the fermentation processes and monitor production efficiency.

As part of the design and construction process, we provide full power service – we develop a design for a connection to the network, build a connection and deliver devices. We also offer the service of finding locations and obtaining permits for biogas and biomethane plant projects, and additionally we provide consultancy in the field of technology and biotechnology, energy, standards and technical devices as well as energy law, renewable energy and environmental protection.

Our know-how and successfully completed projects enable us to carry out projects of various types of biogas plants . We have a proven technology of building biogas production installations from animal waste that comes from farms and from all organic waste from agri-food industry plants. Our technique can also be used to build a biogas plant that uses a wide stream of industrial waste in liquid and solid form. Another type of implementation are landfill biogas plants, dealing with the degassing of waste storage plots along with the energy management of biogas. As Biowatt, we design installations for biogas recovery from municipal wastewater in sewage treatment plants and we offer technologies of biogas treatment to the quality of natural gas, i.e. biomethan plants .

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