Our biogas plants

Biogas plants

Biowatt is a reliable partner for the construction of agricultural, industrial and landfill biogas plants, sewage treatment plants and biomethane plants.

We offer you a proven know-how in the biogas industry, flexible technologies and reliable operation of the finished system. Cooperation with Biowatt in the design and construction of biogas plants guarantees you robust equipment, reliable systems and innovative technical solutions as well as advice and care.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of technical processes, the use of the latest technological solutions and the continuous optimization of individual components, our biogas plants are innovative and reliable, and at the same time have an excellent quality/price ratio.

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Agricultural biogas plants

Biowatt has proven technology to produce biogas from animal waste from farms producing pigs and cattle and poultry. Our technology enables the disposal of a wide stream of animal manure in the form of pig slurry, cattle manure, chicken manure and silage of energy crops from targeted crops.

In addition to producing electricity and heat, the product of the biogas plant is a high-quality organic fertilizer for fertilizing fields.

We offer modular solutions with power: 250 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW, 2 MW


  • high biogas yield
  • ease-of-use
  • reliability and low operating costs
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Industrial biogas plants

Biowatt has an efficient technology for the production of biogas from all organic waste from the agri-food industry. Our technology enables the use of a wide stream of industrial waste in liquid and solid form, such as: distillery stock, sugar factory pulp, slaughterhouse waste, production waste and other organic residues from industrial production.

The technology offered is each time adapted to the specificity of the plant and its location. The plant designs reception and pre-treatment stations for substrates, including homogenization and hygienization, enabling the disposal of K1, K2, K3 category waste.

The product of the biogas plant is electricity and heat generated in the cogeneration process or biomethane and high-quality organic fertilizer.

We offer modular solutions with power: 250 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW, 2 MW


  • high biogas yield
  • full automation of the production process
  • reliability and low operating costs
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Landfill biogas plants

Biowatt designs and realizes high quality degassing installations of waste storage facilities together with energy management of biogas in cogeneration units for electricity and heat generation.

Biowatt’s landfill biogas recovery installations reduce uncontrolled emissions of methane and other gaseous pollutants from existing landfill sites to the atmosphere.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 30 April 2013 on landfills Dz.U. No 2013 item 523 pairs. 8:

„1. The landfill, where biodegradable waste is to be deposited, is equipped with a landfill gas discharge installation. 2. The landfill gas is purified and used for energy purposes and, if this is not possible, burned in a torch.”

Main elements of the Biowatt landfill gas plant:

  • degassing well system (vertical, horizontal)
  • biogas collector system with drainage elements
  • compressed air system and condensate well
  • biogas plant: biogas treatment, congenator, flare
  • transformer station and power supply to the network

We offer individual solutions tailored to the potential of a landfill with a capacity of 200 kW to 1000 kW.


  • high efficiency of the degassing of the site
  • full automation of the production process
  • reliability and low operating costs
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Sewage biogas plants

Biowatt designs and builds biogas recovery plants for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

As part of our work, we build modern storage and treatment facilities for and combustion of biogas in cogeneration units to produce electricity and heat. Our tasks also include the design and construction of power connections with power supply to the network or for the plant’s own needs.

Following the trends in municipal and municipal waste management and EU regulations, we can design and implement co-digestion plants for municipal solid waste from selective collection together with municipal waste water at waste water treatment plants.

Our offer includes individual technological solutions tailored to the capabilities of a specific treatment plant and the needs of municipal waste management.


  • high biogas yield
  • technology adapted to the structure of the municipal waste stream
  • full automation of the production process
  • reliability and low operating costs
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Biomethane plants

Biowatt offers proven technologies for treating biogas to natural gas quality in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Gas Network. We cooperate with reliable and proven technology partners. We offer the highest quality technical equipment ensuring long-term and reliable operation and a favourable value for money ratio adjusted to the realities of the Polish market.

In cooperation with technology suppliers, we offer a full range of biogas treatment technologies available on the market, adapting the technology to the connection conditions, in particular the required pressure of biogas injection into the local gas network. We offer technologies of diaphragm separation, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and liquid absorption (scrubbing process).

The biomethane offered by Biowatt, in cooperation with foreign partners, guarantee that the quality parameters of biomethane injected into the network, as required by Polish regulations and standards, are met.

Thanks to good relations with suppliers of biomethane technology we can offer our customers:

  • favourable prices
  • fast delivery and delivery times thanks to modular design
  • service with full supervision 24/7
  • high methane yield, possible concentration above 99% CH4
  • low operating costs: a technologically tailored design for a specific location
  • the recovery of heat generated in the plant can be used in the biogas production process or used for other purposes
  • optional CO recovery, or fuel production for CNG vehicles
Our offer includes biomethanes from 500 m³ of biomethane/h.

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